Beyond the Scent of Sugar: A Memoir by Billie Rivers de Montana Carr

de Montana Carr - Género: English
libro gratis Beyond the Scent of Sugar: A Memoir by Billie Rivers


Delve into the unfiltered world of Billie Rivers as she unveils her intense 13-month affair with the wild and unpredictable private investigator Marti Starova. Experience a journey of sensual awakening and personal growth as Billie sheds her past as a loveless woman and blossoms into a fearless and adventurous lover. From Marti's unanticipated acts of rescue to Billie's bold decision to break free from Marti and the allure of Falls City, witness an erotic odyssey that transcends boundaries. In a narrative crafted for adult readers, explore the depths of desire and self-discovery as Billie's intimate revelations expose the magnetic pull of Marti's unpredictable charm. Prepare to lose yourself in a world where passion reigns supreme, inhibitions dissolve, and Billie's transformation unfolds in a tantalizing tale of erotic exploration and emotional liberation.

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