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de Michael Callahan - Género: English
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"I was completely captivated by Michael Callahan's The Lost Letters from Martha's Vineyard. It's a history mystery you won't be able to put down, with strong female characters and plenty of secrets. Plus, it takes you behind the scenes in vintage Hollywood and Martha's Vineyard. A perfect beach read!"—Lisa Scottoline, #1 bestselling author of Loyalty and The Truth About the Devlins

A tantalizing novel of two women bound by blood but divided by a long-buried secret, and the island that holds the key to the fateful summer that changed everything forever.

In 1959, Hollywood ingenue Mercy Welles seems to have the world at her feet. Far removed from her Nebraska roots, she has crafted herself into a glamorous Oscar-nominated actress engaged to an up-and-coming director...

Until she shockingly vanishes without a trace, just as her career is taking off.

Almost sixty years later, Kit O'Neill, a junior television producer...

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Where to even begin with this book?! I was so pleasantly surprised, delighted, in love with the whole of it.

The Lost Letters from Martha's Vineyard is a dual timeline mystery that jumps between the 1950s life of Mercy Welles, an upcoming Hollywood starlet, and the present day life of her granddaughter, Kit. The prologue sucks you right into a high-anxiety chase scene -- and each chapter of the story only gives you just enough insight into each plot and character to not be completely trusting of anyone until the very end.

I LOVED the parallels between Kit and her grandmother - and I LOVED the subtle homages to my first & favorite mystery series of all time, Nancy Drew.

A well-written mystery with good pace - this was the cross between a great Carolyn Keene and Taylor Jenkins Reid book. 10/10.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner books for gifting me my first ARC with this book. It will be hard for the subsequent ones to live up to this!2023-reads arc8 s Grace Chlosta209 90

This book is not getting the hype it deserves! It is truly the perfect summer beach read for fans of historical fiction, gorgeous settings, and a little bit of mystery.
I was enthralled from the first page, and it kept my attention through to the end. The twists truly kept coming and each chapter was more exciting than the last. Were some of the twists predictable? Yes. But honestly, that was okay with me! I enjoyed how the story unfolded.
The characters were also super intriguing and I loved the relationship between Ren and Mercy. The whole allure of Mercy’s old Hollywood life was also incredibly fascinating, and many times it seemed this book could’ve actually taken place.
There was a lot going on, with a lot of different themes, plot points, and time jumping, but I genuinely think the author did all of it masterfully! And not to mention, accomplished it all in under 300 pages!4 s Holly in Bookland1,205 576

When Kit’s grandmother dies, she finds some mementos in the attic that makes her think she lived a past secret life. Kit can’t believe what she finds and soon can’t stop investigating her grandmother’s life when she was a movie star. A movie star that disappeared in 1959, just when she was on top. The why is what keeps Kit going and learning something that she never expected. From Los Angeles to Martha’s Vinyard, Kit will find out more than she ever bargained for about Mercy Welles, and maybe about herself. Dual timelines, 1959 & 2018, sparkling characters, a beautiful setting, and mystery that begs to be solved.2024 netgalley4 s Andrea | andrea.c.lowry.reads655 31

Bring on old Hollywood and the drama surrounding it! I was hooked from the very first chapter of this atmospheric story that had me holding my breath and eager to see how it would all play out.

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