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de Mary Stephenson Su - Género: English
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Mary Stephenson Su Publisher: anonymous, Year: 2024

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4.5/5 Overall
All fluff no spice (so cute!!)

THE TENSION! The entire book the tension between Alana and Davin was insane! I was literally biting my nails waiting for them to act on it! The author did an amazing job with her alluring writing style and the crazy plot! This book is phenomenal and I have no other words besides I LOVE IT!best-friends-brother fae fantasy ...more1 Caitlin Foster1 review

Davin has always loved the feeling he gets working the forge and crafting with his hands. His parents have other ideas and want him to follow in their footsteps doing what they feel will bring him more success. When he moves to the city for an internship that they think he already has... well, what they don't know won't hurt them, right? Alana on the other hand went to the city to visit her best friend. Afraid to leave her sick mother behind, the idea of medicine that she couldn't get at home was too tempting to give up and she reluctantly agreed to go. What happens next when they stumble upon something even more dark and sinister? You'll have to read to find out.

Review to follow.

Forging Something Beautiful: Valley Glen Elves Book Two by Mary Stephenson Su is a cute Teen/Young adult novel following a couple that you can root for. Alana and Davin are long time acquaintances, her being the best friend of his younger sister, but you can tell that they both have d each other for awhile. There is tension and a lot of good will they/won't they moments, but at times I did feel there was a bit much of this and you just wanted them to get together.

The book is very easy to read and you don't have to have read the first one to understand the plot of this one. I how accessible that is, as it means you can pick up anywhere in the series and still feel you understand what's going on. The characters are able, though a bit formulaic at times. This book definitely feels appropriate for the age it was written for. No scenes were too adult themed and overall it was a very fun book. I would recommend the book for those who fluffier stories.

I received an advanced review copy of this book to read for free. This is my honest review. Richard Goodrum2,591 9

Davin goes against his parent's wishes to be in a trade apprenticeship to become a metalworking apprentice. While returning after visiting a metalsmith shop in the Imperial Center, he runs into Alana (his secret crush). Alana has come to the capital to find a cure for the illness which is debilitating her mom. Then, the pair stumble across a plot to kill the king.

This T&YA Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance is fantastic. The uncertainty of youth plays a compelling role in this story. The wickedness with which the corrupt elves entrap the main characters is unmistakable. The resolution of the tale is exquisite.

Easy-to-read. Entertaining. Great world building. Romantic. Scary. Unpredictable. Whimsical. Wonderful characters.

I received a review copy of this book from a third party. This is my honest review. Shirley Blackham17 1 follower

Enjoyed this book just as much as the first book in the series.
Alana travels to the Imperial City to visit her friend Zaria who works for Princess Everlee, but she is also hoping to find a cure for her Mum who is very, very sick. Whilst there she runs into her friends older brother Davin who she has had a crush on for years. He is in the Imperial City supposedly to start an apprenticeship at the Imperial Trade Office, his parents dream not his. His dream is to work in a forge creating beautiful filigree items. In her search for a cure for her Mum things go wrong for Alana, and Davin is drawn in to help her out of her predicament. But things only get worse for them both.
If you want to know more, please read the book and enjoy it, I did. Claudia KleinAuthor 4 books12

A sweet cozy fantasy.

I loved this book. It was well written, swoony with YA romance I love, and a good story that the whole family will enjoy.

Alana travels to the capital to find a cure for her mother’s illness. Her searching takes her to a black market vendor with a tempting magical cure, which sets her on a course for trouble.

Meanwhile Davin heads to the capital to start an apprenticeship his parents have dreamed of for him for years. But he has a different dream. A dream that takes him to the same black market shop his friend Alana found. He’s soon up to his eyeballs in trouble too.

This dual 1st person POV book was one I really enjoyed and I think you might too. Lisa Hunt275 4

Received as an ARC, I am leaving my honest review. I love how this story brings you into the world of a young elf determined to find a way to help heal her mother. The delightful story progresses through her preparation and journey, which turns into a daring but very important mission to save the life of a king. Along the way, emotions come into play as plans are formed. Beware deceitful traitors and traps as the suspense intensifies. Gripping and action packed, prepare to be pulled into the story from the first page til the end Sophy166 2

This book was fun. I didn't read the first book but will definitely go and read it. That being said, I didn't really need to know what happened in the first book to understand what was happening in this book. This story was funny, and had a lot of good moments in it even had some hard moments that were great to see the characters get thrown into. Will definitely be reading more of these books.
Vada Vinyard32

This is an adorable YA elfy romance.

The FMC has a little trouble finding her way and asking for help when she needs it. The MMC is there to help her without being overbearing.

The story line uncovers a plot against royalty, allows both main characters to find themselves, as well as grow into better people (elves).

Overall, this is a fun read for both young and old adults. 15yo me would have probably loved this even more than 28yo me does. Serret146 1 follower

A great book. Alanas mother is getting sick and sicker and Alana decides to stop at nothing to find a cure for her no matter the danger. She runs into Davin her best friends older brother whom she has a huge crush on. He wants her to keep his secret he is working at a blacksmith shop. And he doesn't want his family to know. He also has developed feelings for Alana. Mifune Roldan11

before anything thanks for this oportunity to be in the arc.

Review: To be honest I d the book but it was boring and i had feeling it need a bit of something more to light out the flame of the book.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Ann Volk1 review

A fun, flirty YA cozy fantasy romance. Loved Alana and Davin and the development of their relationship. Also the threatening plot in which they become entangled. Each of the characters grew in meaningful ways throughout the book. A fun read! Amanda Bextermiller 92 2

A cute piece with zero spice. I read book 1 in this series and it was nice to see familiar character return. There is a lot of tension between the FMC and the MMC that was so good and funny yo watch them both try to deny their attraction to each other. Debbie Blane159

This book was just plain fun to read. It was not suspenseful, there was no cussing, no spice, just a fun story line laid out that made sense and was a pleasure to read. fantasy fiction fun-to-read ...more Zara180

Great story with great characters. It was easy to read and so enjoyable! Maggie's Nook145 11

I find the plot interesting but the build up was too slow for me. Darrah SteffenAuthor 3 books28

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