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Margaux Vialleron Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781398525788,9781398525771,9781398529755

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There's something so sumptuous about Margaux Vialleron's writing. It's so arresting and pertinent too.20242 s annatheworstbanana23 2

Thank you to Netgalley and Simon and Schuster UK for allowing me to read Breaststrokes by Margaux Vialleron.

This novel shares the stories of four women: Cloe, Gertrude, and two sisters: Mathilde, and Sarah. Over five acts, we learn about their experiences with consent, throughout their childhoods and in the present day.

This book was sensitively and thoughtfully written. It discusses triggering topics with authentic consideration. Every part of the story is full of rich meaning, including the title, which takes on more and more meanings as the reader continues with the novel.

I would not be surprised to see this becoming an instrumental part of discourse surrounding consent and gender.2 s Deece de Paor379 14

Not good. 1 Naturalbri (Bri Wignall)1,146 110

This is such a relatable topic, for everyone to engage with today. It is written from the perspective of four women, but the topic of consent and intimacy pertains to all and this book is one that should be read by all, to help deepen the understanding of what happens, on both sides of consent.
The book softly delves into the four lives of the women and they overlap, allowing us to journey into their lives and see ways in which consent and intimacy have come to affect them and how that plays on their lives. It is written in a way that puts the topic toward your honestly, but in a gentle approach. You are able to understand what they have gone through and ponder about it and the outcomes yourself, but nothing is done in a slapdash way.
I found the overall story and the points it had to make very pertinent to today's culture and really offers a step for people to start with in their understanding of the topic and its importance. Tyler Marshall668 38

This is a novel that leaves you thinking.

Margaux gives us a wide and introspective view on womanhood and consent by sharing the stories of four different woman who have similar experiences. I really enjoyed this authors writing style and the time she took to carve out Gertrude, Chloe, Mathilde and Sarah, I could clearly picture each of these charters as I was reading this novel and in turn felt connected to these women, reading their experiences and how well Vialleron portrays these touchy subjects its hard not to feel every emotion these four are feeling.

This is an easy and quick read that sits at just over three hundred pages. Packed with emotions, vulnerability and perseverance I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books that keep you think long after you've finished the read. Nic Harris342 13

This was a thought provoking read.

It covers some really interesting and important topics.

I enjoyed following the story through the tales of the four women who had different experiences with some distinct similarities. I appreciated the attention paid. to consent which is such an important topic and I could see this being a great book for something a book club to prompt discussion about consent.

The writing style was accessible and easy to read. I d how the book was formatted and felt this made it easy to read.

This is well written, sensitive and an important book CJ Mason The Fallen Librarian Reviews367 12

My review for this book is on my blog https://thefallenlibrarian.wordpress.... Louise64 10

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