Blood Heir de LJ Mata

de LJ Mata - Género: English
libro gratis Blood Heir


War raged between the werewolves and vampires resulting in heavy casualties on both sides. The supernatural community have agreed to an uneasy truce, but certainly not peace. Sorrow and grief grips everyone, including the newly discovered vampire heir.

Liv has been struggling in the aftermath of the conflict.

Liv decides to leave the throne behind to mount a search for the only family she has left. She believes her brother was kidnapped during the battle and is being held hostage. Liv has gathered a band of supernatural misfits to help her find and rescue him. If she thought post battle life was hard before, juggling political and personality clashes between a vampire, a werewolf, a loner, and a sorceress may just be her undoing. Now Liv just must hope that they can complete their mission without killing each other in the process.

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