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This is the tale of Elizabeth, servant of a noble family brought to ruin by a brutal coup; of Kaylein, last surviving daughter of the fallen household; of Isaac, son of the man who murdered Kaylein’s parents, and of Edward, a troubled knight who seeks revenge on the others at any cost.

After the events of that bloody night twist their fates together for years to come, each of the four seek their own path through the hardships of feudal life. Elizabeth’s leads her to the workshop of a kindly carpenter, Kaylein’s to a convent, Isaac’s to the open road, and Edward’s to an ambitious quest of advancement through the nobility. But how long can their peace last when each has demons that threaten to drag the others down along with them?

Set in a fictional medieval kingdom, The Book of Roses tells the story of four young people searching for safety, love, and belonging in a world rife with injustice. Can a good heart still flourish in an age of darkness?

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It takes an astounding amount of patience on my part to read through some of the free offerings on Kindle. Most are just, well, not readable or I skip through them so much because of excessive cursing, excessive sexual content or just a boring storyline. I never buy any even if the writing is good because, overall, the story just doesn't draw on memorable conclusions or adventure for me. They are, without a doubt, predictable and tunnel-visioned.

I did download this free copy and, from the very beginning of the story, I was drawn into the lives of four people who meant nothing to me but turned out to be friends with me by the end of the book. I continued their journey and bought the 2nd book and pre-ordered the 3rd. Whoever edited these books did an amazing job.

I won't write any spoilers here but suffice it to say the lives of these four individuals are now part of my life and I am glad this came about because I don't have many friends in my ever-decreasing circle in real life. I do not read books to "escape" or "get lost" inside - no, I read books to prompt my sense of adventure and to allow me to give a hug to humanity. This book (and the 2nd which I am currently reading) brought/is bringing about a sense of accomplishment for me. I have made new friends in Elizabeth, Isaac, Sam and Kaylein. I have my own thoughts about Edward and will see if they are brought to life for me in the third book as I feel pretty sure they will. Could I be surprised by their inevitable conclusion? Is there true hope on the horizon or is there a veil for something unexpected? Is there justice for those who mean to destroy my new friends or will fate have a more gentle hand in guiding them to more glorious and surprising futures?

Whether they stay in the village they currently reside or take the hand of adventure once again remains to be seen. I cannot wait. amazing-story challenge favorites4 s Maureen289 5

Elizabeth … a servant girl with a keen mind and a dream to own her own stone house.
Kayleigh … a rich young, well-educated woman whose desire is to live in a Jade castle.
Edward … curried favour to win his way to a knighthood with Count Francis.
Isaac … the son of Count Francis. Definitely doesn’t want to get married. Prefers his horse.
Sam … Elizabeth’s ne’er-do-well brother who pops in occasionally to create mayhem in her life.

Running from Count Francis after a brutal takeover of Rosepath Castle that left all dead except for our two heroines, the girls find their lives taking separate tracks. Liz becomes servant to a carpenter, who teaches her math and she teaches him organizational skills, becoming his right-hand. Kay becomes a noviciate at the local abbey.

Isaac acquiesces to his father’s wish to marry a beautiful but condescending noble girl, although he’s despairing of his future. The night before his wedding, he takes advantage of an incident and just disappears, taking with him his beloved horse

They all end up in Tannersfield area and eventually run into each other, although they’re all keeping their secrets tightly held, except for Kaylein, who’s had to divulge her identity to the abbess. Despite being separated from, they have a friendship that is close, especially the two girls

Things would be fine, except for Sir Edward, nominally left in charge of Rosepath while Count Francis plans a coup. His self-appointed task is to find the straw-haired servant who maimed his hand (Liz) and exact his revenge upon her.

Every scene he is in is mean-spirited, choatic and tense. He’s the perfect antagonist. Well-drawn without being a caricature, he provides intense drama as he narrows in on Elizabeth’s location, uncovering Kaylein’s residence as he searches.

He isn’t perfectly evil, he manages to bumble his way through a few things that he can spin to make himself out the hero, including an uprising of the peasantry against his heavy-handedness.

The interactions between all of the characters, the happiness they find in life’s small pleasures and aspirations … and the fear of it being ripped away … makes for heady reading. The towns of Rosepath and Tannersfield come alive .. the machinations of the rich, greedy and lower-hungry play against the bucolic backdrop of the people who are ekeing their way through life.

Marvellously written. Elaine Markey15

I read a lot of free books and most of them are meh. I read because I love to read and have a lot of time as I’m retired. So when a book makes me want to purchase the sequel it’s a big deal. Elizabeth of Rosepath was a great read. I loved each main character, did some crying and was left needing to read the second book. That happens rarely. I’m reading the sequel now. Pete Ffrench387 2

Elizabeth, Kaylein, Isaac and Sam have all fallen foul of the upstart Edward a bloodthirsty commoner elevated to power by his position in the army. The story follows their progress and is well written and descriptive showing their different characters and desires but mostly they just want to be left to live their lives. betty ann carswell1 review

Rosepath Chronicle

This book was well written in the flow of words well connected and leading the reader to stay interested and yearning for the safety of the main characters. The hardships they faced were emotionally felt. Perry101 3

This is the second fantasy book I've read in the past month that has surpassed my expectations and fully deserves five stars. Great story, with strong, well-drawn characters, and highly readable. Definitely recommend if you're looking for an excellent fantasy in a historical setting.fantasy Malinda 10

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