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libro gratis Phantom Cove: A Port Stirling Mystery


Kay Jennings Publisher: Paris Communications, Year: 2022 ISBN: 9798985554441,9798985554434,9798985554427

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Another great read in the Port Stirling series

This book builds on previous stories and we get an interesting twist at the end to wrap things up. We also get to see the growth of characters along the way such as Jay, Fern and Sylvia. This is a page turner, and once I started it, I couldn't stop reading. Please continue writing the Port Stirling mysteries/thrillers.
With the growth of Ferns character, this opens a lot of options for future installments to this cast of great characters. Matt's reputation and stock continue to rise to new heights with each new story. I wouldn't be surprised to see Matt Horning be the new Governor of Oregon eventually. Keep the books coming, I need more to read. 1 Doreen1,863 17


This series just keeps getting more and more excitung! I have read lots of police procedural during my long reading career and this one is outstanding! Characters are great, story always intricate and unexpected, and setting is wonderful . Read books in order because of the continuity in the story time line and events overlap books! All are complete and resolved---- no cliffhangers!1 Charles L.49 1 follower

An especially satisfying addition to the Port Stirling series

Ms. Jennings has written another excellent story-this one with an unexpected twist. Matt and Fern are their usual able selves and secondary characters are given a chance to shine. Ending is definitely unexpected and there seems to be another story brewing. Keep 'em coming!1 Leek400

This was an amazing read! In my opinion, the best one of this great series. A page-turner with a cast of great characters, that are evolving with each book into people you wish you could actually meet. A nice quirk towards the end, a very satisfying end. Only sorry that this was the last book of the series…so far.1 Theresa Winters29

Perfect end to the series!

Perfect end to the series, but I sang more Past Stirling adventures. This collaboration of local LEOs is fun, heartwarming, exciting and sometimes downright hilarious.1 Sarah E Howard2


The characters were all very interesting in th own right and you could follow each individuals personality. The story keeps you going and wanting to keep reading. Didn't expect the person in the end. Very unexpected.1 Lucy Grace80 2

Loved this one

Well-plotted, fast-paced, a satisfying addition to this enjoyable series. The genuine affection among the various characters lifts my spirits even as horrible crimes are being committed. Just enough bad-guy action to justify the genre. 1 Chris Yaldezian93 1 follower

This was the best one yet. However, it would be helpful to the reader not to start with this book. It is a series and this one does use pieces of prior books to provide some of the motivation for this one's plot theme. I recommend this book highly. But, don't want to give away any of it. 1 Sharyl P1 review

GREAT read! Best one yet!

I've read all Kay's Port Stirling books . This is the 5th one and I recommend you read the series in order. Wonderful characters, superb settings on the Oregon Coast, engaging stories with endings you'll love. Even better on Audible!1 Carolyn Polzel3

A fantastic story teller

I have read all of your Port Stirling Mystery Novels and can't wait to read the next one!! I highly recommend. Ken P.1 Kay JenningsAuthor 13 books30

I've now written six books in my series - working on #7 now! - and Phantom Cove is my favorite. It's more classic thriller than mystery/police procedural, although it is both of those things, too.
1 Connie C Barrett35


As usual this series has kept me entertained and this particular book is the best so far. The ending promises another Installment I shall be waiting to read.1 Robert M. Sims10

Excellent book. I have read all 5 of Port Sirling ysteries and look forward to the next one.1 Dorcas Herr3

kept me up at night ❤️

Love the setting, the characters and the twists and turns of this all round good mystery series. Always building tension all the way to surprise endings!1 Patti307 18


"Phantom Cove" is book five in Kay Jennings brilliant "Port Stirling" mysteries. As always, her story rockets along at warp speed, filled with pulse pounding moments of sheer terror, interspersed with two love stories. One between Fern and Matt, and the other between an amazing group of loyal, talented and dedicated friends. I thoroughly enjoy this series!books-read-in-covid-quarantine-2022 read-in-2022 Ruth823 1 follower

Although I've read all the books in this series and really them, I found this one very slow except for the last six chapters or so. Solid plot, just bogged down in the middle. The brightest spot was seeing a very dis character brought down in a spectacular fashion! Elaine Erny16

Excellent series by Kay Jennings

I just recently came across this series by Kay Jennings. I am addicted. I stayed up late every night reading each book. It has everything - great characters that you instantly become attached to, intense stories that keep you on the edge, twists and turns. I can’t wait for book 7!! Thank you Kay Jennings. Brittany Griffin2 1 follower

The parallels with Jennings characters and my own personal trajectory keep getting deeper and it brings me such joy as I tear through this series. I’m not ready to be caught up and waiting for my next fix!! Emily117 1 follower

Quite the thriller

Ok. Must say this is the best one so far, but I have said that as I progressed through the volumes in this series. Thoroughly enjoyable. If you start the series, and you are a fan of this genre, you will enjoy yourself. Ann Glover30

Another winner!

Kay Jennings is a wonderful story teller. I've enjoyed every book in her series. I appreciate the author's characters and the way they develop in each book. KerryO701 2

I am really enjoying this series, especially the relationship between Matt and Fern. The supporting characters are equally well-developed and a weekend visit to Port Stirling would be a treat! Reggie2,822

fantastic series!!!

These books are well written. Lots of suspense and action. Likable characters, well except the DA!! Looking forward to more. Marion85

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