Cold Rock Island: A Port Stirling Mystery de Kay Jennings

de Kay Jennings - Género: English
libro gratis Cold Rock Island: A Port Stirling Mystery


Kay Jennings Publisher: Paris Communications, Year: 2024

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Another stirring Port Stirling mystery, this tale of intrigue, murder, possible international crisis, and domestic violence engages and keeps the pages turning. While I found the domestic violence scenes to be graphic, I applaud shining a light on this all-too-common occurrence and the message the book sends.

Jennings is a master at creating authentic, believable characters whom a reader can either fall in love with or absolutely detest. Cold Rock Island brings back our beloved Port Stirling police chief, Matt Horning, his wife, and U.S. State Dept. liasion, Fern Byrne, and the cadre of law enforcement folks we have come to love and depend upon to solve this small town's huge crimes. Then, there are the suspects and perps who are well portrayed.

I highly recommend this latest Port Stirling mystery and look forward to the next one.
1 Lucinda Dykes10

Fern rocks again!

Love this series, and #7 does not disappoint.
I saved it for this holiday weekend so I could savor it.
It is wonderful to see Fern really come into her own as a federal agent and detective with backup from everyone in Port Stirling. Bravo!1 kathey loftis12

just couldn’t put this book down!!!

Another great mystery. Double trouble is the name of the game, plus a very scary side story. Please!!!! Hurry with the next book!!!!!1 Erin Kirchenberg24


Each book in this series just captures my interest to the point that I keep reading straight through to the end.1 Melanie Stewart255 6

This was with a doubt the very best book in the Port Stirling series. The other books have been enjoyable, but Kay brought something a little more in this story. With that said, I would recommend reading the other books in the story first before reading this one to understand the characters, but it can be read alone.
Now, for this story, we have a locked room (or island) mystery to keep the pages turning and a second story that is more personal and more emotional. The cast of characters are using the strength of the books in this series but in this case the mystery was completely fascinating. Parts of the book read a police procedural as our team chipped away the layers bringing clarity and truth to how our victim ended up dead when no one knew he was on the island. The story was made more compelling as we were treated to flashbacks into our victim’s mind as he too investigated. His family may have had a really well written closure at the end, but their journey too was heart rending.
Speaking of heart rending and emotions, Tamryn’s story was one that any woman in an impossible relationship could relate too. Her ending was gratifying but again she suffered at the hands of a miserable human. I personally how the two stories were woven together. The author heightened the drama by switching stories when it got intense in one story making us read longer than planned to see what was happening next in the other story. Matt and Fern may have been the stars of the story, but it would not have worked without the rest of their law enforcement team. All the law enforcement officers and townspeople in the story are very well written. The characters complemented each other and worked very well together.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention the chuckle I got when a certain Aaron turned up in the book. Please continue this story. After that ending, we need to know what happens next. I guarantee that as long as the author keeps writing this series, I will keep reading.
Thanks to NetGalley and Paris Communications | Independent Book Publishers Association for the opportunity to read this ARC. Hannah Paley103 2

I’ve not read any of the other Port Stirling books but didn’t find that much of a problem. It would have been nice to know a bit more of the background but it’s not necessary and I’ll enjoy going back to read the others.
Cold Rock Island is a good police procedural story with a solid cast of characters and an interesting plot. It’s more detective work than all out action but the pace is decent and kept me entertained all the way through. Ann Glover30

Enjoyable from start to finish!

I love the Oregon coast and even the rain. The author's descriptions of the water, trees and fresh air added authentic touches to a good story. Doreen1,863 17


Excellent series and this is another thrilling adventure! There are several problems that the police are investigating. All local agencies get involved. All the favorite people are investigating with Fern handling an important, volatile investigation for the State Department! Lisa Diaz157 2

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