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"Set against the backdrop of the Prohibition Rum Wars, Robuck has brought two real-life figures to the page with heartfelt intimacy and crackling suspense. A fascinating read!" — Chanel Cleeton, New York Times bestselling author of The Cuban Heiress

Two real, brilliant women on opposite sides of the law, in a deadly game of cat and mouse...

1926. Washington, D.C.

The Coast Guard is losing the Prohibition Rum War, but they have a new, secret weapon to crack smuggler codes, intercept traffic, and destroy the rum trade one skiff at a time. That secret weapon is a 5'2" mastermind in heels, who also happens to be a wife and mother: Mrs. Elizebeth Smith Friedman, one half of the husband-and-wife pair who invented cryptanalysis. 


Cleo Lythogoe, The Bahama Queen, announces her retirement while regaling the thugs at the bar with tales of murder and mayhem on the high seas. Marie Waite, listening in, knows an...

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The Bahama Queen Cleo Lythogoe retires, Marie Waite wants to follow in her footsteps and she vows nothing is going to get in her way. Elizebeth Smith Friedman is a special agent for the Treasury Department and she works for the Coast Guards Communications Section.

Alcohol is in high demand in prohibition America and it’s illegal to make, sell and smuggle it into the country. The stage is set, two women, both married, mothers, and who will outsmart the other?

Elizebeth and her husband William invented cryptanalysis during The Great War, they live in Washington, D.C., and she’s the only code-breaker, her job is to intercept thousands of messages, and crack the codes.

Marie grew up poor, she wants to make a lot of money and have the lifestyle she deserves. Marie’s married to Charlie and he’s a drunk, he won’t listen to her ideas and she’s getting frustrated with him. Marie starts buying boats and she begins creating her empire, smuggling booze, from the Bahama’s and Cuba to Florida, and once she enters American waters the last twelve miles are the most dangerous and where the coast guards are patrolling.

Marie comes up with all sorts of plans, signals, decoys and codes to outsmart the authorities and she has no idea another women is trying to find out who’s the new rum runner, their identity, stop them and she will testify in court.

I received a copy of The Last Twelve Miles from the publisher and Edelweiss Plus in exchange for an honest review. Erika Robuck uses real facts and her imagination to write her latest riveting historical fiction novel.

Set in 1926, Elizebeth’s a wife and mother, she worked whilst pregnant and afterwards, not many women at the time would have had such a stressful, demanding and high paid job and it was a real juggle and with a supportive husband, she suffered from mum guilt. I d how the narrative included the couple's love of reading, books and poetry and curiosities collection and William's struggles with shell shock and nightmares from serving in The Great War.

Spanish Marie is one determined lady and you didn’t want to mess with her, and she’s drawn into the dangerous and sinister world of rum running, and I had no idea Miami, Florida was already full of bad guys and women and it was a seedy and sinister place, full of inlets and back stabbers. Five stars from me and I highly recommend, a perfect choice for book clubs and women’s history month.edelweiss-above-the-tree-line edelweiss-callenge-202429 s2 comments Erin3,257 476

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Erika Robuck brings readers back to the Prohibition era and recounts the tale of two women: cryptographer Elizebeth Friedman and rumrunner Marie Waite. Although both women are mothers and wives, life has led them down different paths, which are about to intersect in a classic cat-and-mouse game.

I d the novel. Marie's chapters were my favourite and I was cheering for her to get the best of those pursuing her. That could have made Elizebeth Friedman raise her eyebrows but I cannot help it. Erika Robuck just wrote her to be that compelling of a character. I appreciated the author's notes at both the beginning and the end of the book.

As another reviewer wrote, this book would make an exciting movie.

Expected Publication 04/06/24
Goodreads Review 20/05/24 netgalley28 s "Avonna1,298 530

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THE LAST TWELVE MILES by Erika Robuck is a thrilling historical fiction story of two women, each brilliant, going head-to-head on opposite sides of the law during the Prohibition Era southern rum wars. While I have read about Elizebeth Friedman and her contributions to cryptanalysis, Spanish Marie was new to me, and this author brought both women to vivid life for me as I was reading.

Mrs. Elizebeth Smith Friedman and her husband invented cryptanalysis during WWI. Elizebeth has gone on to work for the Coast Guard during Prohibition to crack smugglers’ codes so the Coast Guard can intercept smugglers and destroy their illegal alcohol. Her primary focus is on the Cuban, Bahamian, and Florida routes. She is the Coast Guards secret weapon to capturing many law breakers.

Marie Waite is the wife of a rum runner and when she learns the queen of the runners is retiring, she seizes the opportunity and becomes Spanish Marie. She takes advantage of every new technology to evade capture and continue her rise to the top of her chosen illegal trade.

Spanish Marie becomes Elizebeth’s obsession in a cat and mouse game.

I loved this story so much! Ms. Robuck brings both women to life on the page, even though the author acknowledges that information on Spanish Marie is more lore than fact. This is a historical fiction book that grabbed me from page one, and I was unable to put the book down. Elizebeth has a full life outside of the home with her cryptanalysis and must learn how to balance her work and home life as a wife and mother, which is an unusual position to be in during the 1920’s. Marie begins life poor and makes terrible choices in men, but it leads to her ambition and endless need for wealth. Elizebeth and Marie are fully developed characters that you can empathize with in different ways, and it makes their protagonist/antagonist battles even more fascinating.

I highly recommend this amazing historical fiction!gifted-from-publisher net-galley26 s Literary Redhead2,144 569

A brilliant histfic novel about two gutsy women: a codebreaker for the U.S. Coast Guard and a rumrunner using coded communication during Prohibition. Robuck gives us such a beautifully written portrait of each woman that we find ourselves cheering for both. Unputdownable!15 s Dizzy 156 5

Absolutely loved this historical fiction story of two intelligent, sly, tenacious, strongwilled women on opposite sides of the law during the Rum Wars and Prohibition.
It was a joy to learn about cryptanalyist, Elizebeth Smith Friedman, whose extensive work puts her in a consulting position to help the Coast Guard to intercept and crack codes of "rumrunners" in order to apprehend them. There were 12 miles of US waters off the Florida Keys where most activity took place. Elizebeth tracks the infamous "Spanish Marie".
It is Marie's story that makes this book phenomenal for me. She is the "Bonnie" of "Bonnie and Clyde". Her humble beginnings, poor choice in men, and scrappy antics are fun to read and add layers to her character but it's her abundant ambition and fearless desire for wealth that makes her the perfect antihero.
Thank you to NetGalley and the author, Erika Robuck, for the ARC of this book. I loved it so much I'm buying multiple copies for my reader friends.9 s Saltygalreads252 8

Summary: The legend of Spanish Marie lives on in Florida and Cuba. During the Prohibition Era, Marie and Charlie Waite ran a rum-running empire, transporting and wholesaling liquor from Cuba and Bahamas to the US. On the opposing side was the US Coastguard and a husband-and-wife team specialized in cryptanalysis, or the deciphering of secret codes and messages. Elizebeth and William Friedman worked as agents of the US government in cracking the codes used by smugglers to communicate and transport their goods. The title refers to the fact that there is a distance of 90 nautical miles from Cuba to Florida; for 78 of those miles their cargo was perfectly legal on the seas, but for the last 12 miles in US waters their cargo of liquor was a criminal offense.

Thoughts: This was a well-researched and conceived novel depicting the author’s vision of the battle of wits between Marie and Elizebeth. Marie is a fully developed character in this story, struggling with her alcoholic and temperamental husband, and aspiring to legendary status among the smugglers in the goal of providing herself and her children with all the trappings of the good life. Marie desperately wants to overcome the poverty and shame of her early life and to be important and memorable, however she has no intention of spending time in prison. Elizebeth is motivated by the sheer love of cracking a mystery which seems impenetrable to other people. This is a novel of historical fiction, in which the author acknowledges that not all the facts are known about Spanish Marie and much of what exists is legend and lore. However, she does an amazing job crafting a story which blends historical fact with her interpretation of events and personalities. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and recommend it to any fan of historical fiction or anyone with an interest in the rum-running trade during Prohibition.
5 s Brianne7

Two women are on opposite sides of the prohibition war—a code-breaker and a rum runner. Each woman is determined to succeed while living in a man's world. This book was a great blast from the past, and I highly recommend it to anyone, especially historical fiction lovers.4 s Sharlene503

The Last Twelve Miles by Erika Robuck is a historical fiction novel that tells the true story of two women who led criminal and legal operations during the Prohibition era.
The novel is based on extensive research and historical sources, and it features a captivating plot and realistic characters. The novel also explores various themes and issues related to crime and justice, and the role of women in history and society. This book is suitable for readers who historical fiction, suspense, and strong female protagonists. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.3 s Rachel2,245 90

The Last Twelve Miles by Erika Robuck is a great historical fiction set in the 1920s that I really enjoyed.

I really d this novel that gave a dual narrative of two equally interesting and complex main characters that were on opposing sides during the Prohibition era.

While both women were quite different, they still had similarities when it came down to it. It was interesting to learn more about the code breaking during this decade in the US.


4/5 stars

Thank you NG and Sourcebooks Landmark for this wonderful arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.

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Fascinating, compelling, and fresh!

The Last Twelve Miles is an evocative, intriguing tale that sweeps you between Washington D.C. and the Bahamas during 1926 and into the lives of two women; Elizabeth Friedman, a talented codebreaker tasked with intercepting and deciphering messages to take down the most enterprising of smugglers, and Marie Waits, a mother of two who decides to take over the rum-running business from her husband and build it into something bigger and better than ever before.

The prose is expressive and rich. The characters are complex, intelligent, and driven. And the plot is a well-paced, entertaining mix of life, loss, love, justice, power, family, sacrifice, danger, corruption, politics, and ruthless ambition.

Overall, The Last Twelve Miles is an intricate, vivid, satisfying tale by Robuck inspired by real-life events that does a lovely job of interweaving historical facts and compelling fiction into an engaging tale that is atmospheric and highly absorbing.

Thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.2 s Laura174

Thank you Erika Robuck and NetGalley for the ARC. This is a new historical fiction author for me. I really enjoyed the story of these two smart and strong women on both sides of the law. I was also unaware of this part of prohibition history. I will definitely be reading the author’s previous novels.

Favorite quote:

“Elizabeth’s heart feels a pang of jealousy, followed by a burst of love at seeing her happy family. It’s both freeing and agonizing not to be needed.
That is the nature of motherhood, she thinks.”2024 fiction kindle ...more2 s Dianna RostadAuthor 1 book123

The water is perfect to dive into this gorgeous summer read!! I loved boating through the aqua waters of South Florida and Key West on bootlegging runs in this cat and mouse game between two very different but equally interesting women in prohibition era Florida. The ending is spectacular! Highly recommend.

—Dianna Rostad, USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of You Belong Here Now2 s Dawn81 4

Oof, this book was tough for me. I almost DNF’d it a couple times, yet I persevered and finished the book in hopes that it would get better. It did not. The writing was repetitive and flat, as well as the characters. It read the author was telling you about the people and events in more of a textbook/nonfiction way instead of using the real life events wrapped in fiction. Therefore, it was hard to connect with the characters Mary Waite and Elizebeth Smith Friedman, and to grasp the essence of who they may have been in that period of time. Overall: this book was a miss for me, though the topic was interesting, just poorly conveyed.
Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.netgalley2 s Judy Collins2,926 420

Erika Robuck's latest historical fiction, THE LAST TWELVE MILES, is a masterpiece, from the captivating front cover to the meticulous research, glamour, intrigue, danger, exotic locales, and suspense.

Inspired by a true story, this gripping novel unfolds a dangerous, electrifying high-stakes game of cat and mouse between two brilliant women on opposite sides of the law.

About ...

1920s Prohibition Era and the Rum War: Involving plenty of illegal booze, organized crime, greed, money, violence, rum-running, bootlegging, smuggling, danger, and desperation.

Special Agent Elizebeth Friedman is headquartered in Washington, D.C. She is one of the few women assigned to the Key West area, where smuggling is high. At 34 and pregnant (that she keeps a secret), she has her eye on the King of Rumrunners and then Marie Waite, known as 'Spanish Marie'—married with children.

What drives these women? Is it the thrill of the chase, the desire for adventure, or something deeper? Will they use their powers for good or evil, or will their paths blur in the gray areas of morality? Who will win the game?

Marie Waite is a real-life bootlegger. She facilitated a fleet of boats that moved illegal liquor between Miami, The Bahamas and Cuba. Named, Spanish Marie, she loved nothing better than being at the helm while bringing home the goods while escaping the Coast Guard. Marie deceives others with her false image.

Elizebeth Friedman, along with her husband, was a code breaker hired by the government to help bring down Marie.

Told from the perspectives of Elizebeth and Marie. Are they both heroes?

From the glamorous world of D.C. Intelligence to the sultry shores of the Straits of Florida, there is non-stop action, glamour, and suspense.

My thoughts...

Erika Robuck's skill shines through in her creation of two fascinating women, set against the backdrop of the Prohibition Era. Elizebeth, the lone woman in her field, grapples with the pressures of a male-dominated profession, while Marie, born into poverty, yearns for wealth. Both women are complex, intriguing, and multi-faceted, navigating a world that often underestimates them, much the modern world of today.

We also see the compelling differences in the relationships (Elizebeth and William) compared to (Marie and Charlie).

THE LAST TWELVE MILES is a delight with a colorful cast of characters. Rich in character, the author's third novel using women protagonists as foils for each other is electrifying and engrossing. Each woman has to balance and compartmentalize their personal and professional life.

Richly woven and riveting! As a South Floridian, I enjoy books set in my area and the Keys. With strong takeaways from good versus evil, for better or worse, walking the line between darkness and light is a balancing act, and addiction can be deadly. It is all about how we use those powers.


Well done! I highly recommend it for fans of the author's war novels and Hemingway's Girl, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and those who enjoy well-researched, smartly written historical fiction and strong female protagonists. I enjoyed the Author's notes, references, reading group guide, and conversation with the Author.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for a gifted digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Pub Date: June 4, 2024
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Many thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebook Landmark for an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. This book follows two women, one of them is a government employee while the other is on the bootlegs run to bring alcohol into the US during prohibition.

The book takes place during Prohibition, following Marie Waite, wife of a rumrunner and mother of two little ones and Elizebeth, a codebreaker for the United States. The two don’t know each other but are battling against one another in a head to head in a cat and mouse game. As Marie sees her husband’s shortcomings she realizes she can step in for him, soon becoming rumrunning royalty. But what she doesn’t anticipate is the more refine her operations becomes the bigger the target on her back grows. Meanwhile, Elizebeth is intercepting codes and ciphers on the growing operations of Marie and her crew. Elizebeth’s work becomes personal as she discovers Marie is the primary target of the operation.

I couldn’t put this book down. I haven’t read much in the Prohibition era but I can see the drawl of rumrunning and getting involved in it. However, it was interesting to read how obsessive Elizebeth became as she got deeper into the case. The mastermind games the two played a while trying to make a living and protect their families was an interesting point I didn’t see coming as I read. One thing I love about Erika’s books is that she finds real women who history has spoken little about and bring them front and center within her books. Elizebeth and Maria are two that weren’t on my radar before this book but they won’t be leaving my mind for a long while.

This book will be published June 4, 2024.1 Fay421 26

Thank you Sourcebooks for my #gifted ARC and thank you Libro.fm and Tantor Media for my #gifted ALC of The Last Twelve Miles!

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