Dirty Law: An Alex Peterson Legal Thriller (Alex Peterson Legal Thriller Series Book 3) de Ellis Keler

de Ellis Keler - Género: English
libro gratis Dirty Law: An Alex Peterson Legal Thriller (Alex Peterson Legal Thriller Series Book 3)


Ellis Keler Publisher: Cobalt Fairy LLC, Year: 2024

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The story begins with Rachel placing files on Alex's desk. It seems that with Alex's recent case success, a lot of people want him as their lawyer. Alex the five files and selects one which the son of a political leader has been arrested for possession and sale of drugs. Alex selected this case with an ulterior motive. At the same time this is happening, Alex is preparing for the custody of his son Lucas from his ex-wife Sarah. This case with Lucas has been planned for the last year, This case will out the drug trial.

Time for the drug trial arrives and Alex has done all of the preparation that he could. The prosecution delivers its' portion and iy is now time for Alex. Alex is aware that his client Matthew has been working behind the scenes. Alex wants to ensure that Matthew receives a fair trial, but he won't put up with witnesses lying. Alex presents his portion and it is now time to give the closing argument. Both sides present and the case now goes to the jury. A verdict takes three days of deliberation and then the verdict is presented.

To discover how Alex's custody case went and what changes Alex now had to make, what the verdict in Matthew's trial was and what happened after the verdict was read, then you need to read this book.

This is another great read from this author and you won't be disappointed. Arlena3,361 1 follower

Title: Dirty Law
Author: Ellis Keler
Publisher: ‎ Cobalt Fairy LLC
Series: Alex Peterson Legal Thriller Series Book 3
Reviewed By: Arlena Deange
Rating: Five
"Dirty Law" by Ellis Keler

My Perception:

This third series was quite a good read. If you have read the first two series, you can see how well it ties everything together regarding what happened earlier, so you need to read them before reading book 3 for a complete understanding. The lawyer Alex Peterson had a lot going on in his life, trying to get custody of his son Lucas and working on a case in which he had all the intensity of sabotaging his client's defense. What happened with Alex's ex, and why would he want to undermine his client's defense? To see what is happening with intriguing characters will keep one interested in this story. Will Alex get legal custody of his son, and will that client go free?

I will stop here and say you must pick up this read, which has 'strong characters, is action-packed with courtroom drama, and gives you a mind-blowing murder mystery in this legal thriller.' And be ready for an interesting extended epilogue that brings the story all together.
5-stars a-good-series legal-thriller ...more Evelyn Dotson1,804 9

Alex Petersen is back to take on a new case! One year ago, he got someone off who was innocent in not killing an old acquaintance. Maddison left town and everything seemed to be relaxed once more. At that time, a woman from his past was killed. The man accused was never prosecuted for it. Now, that same man is facing drug charges. Alex goes to represent him but has ulterior motives. This is a dangerous man, so is his father.

Maddison has made an appearance again. Why? What does she want? Alex is also going to court to gain custody of his son against an ex that is lying. Will he or she win? Will he win this case with the dangerous convict? What will it cost him in the end on all fronts? Is the story over yet?

Karin Tillotson1,148 5

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