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Chrissie Walsh Publisher: Boldwood Books, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781802809602,9781802809619,9781802809596,9781802809633,9781802809626,9781802809541,9781802809558,9781802809589

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As the fighting gets closer to home, the women of Weaver Street need each other more than ever.
Liverpool 1941.
WAAF Anna Carswell along with her kitbag in uniform steps off the train at Lime Street Station.
It's her first time in Liverpool, this is her birth town on her adoption papers, it's all looking dismal and depressing as she travels on the tram to Edge Hill and Weaver street she is Miss Mavis Robson's new lodger.
Her new job as a teleprinter operator at Derby house and careless talks costs lives as the saying goes, and she was going to enjoy living and working here and her thoughts are never far away thinking of Ross Penhaligon serving in the RAF.
Oh what a beautiful story to be told, I love the Weaver Street series, as all the neighbour come together, in troubles, such a wonderful book from the first chapter right through to the end.9 s1 comment Teresa627 170

I love this series! It was great to be back in Weaver Street with all the gang who are pulling together even harder now that the street is at war. The next generation are to the forefront of this story. All have loved ones serving and the women are doing their bit too. Anna Carswell is the new addition to the street. Working for the WAAF at Derby House, she is billeted with Mavis and soon becomes one of the gang. Kitty's friend Maggie is still her same old self even though she is now respectably married to Stanley. Lily still lives with them and has joy and heartache aplenty.
I took a star off because there were quite a few coincidences, too many I thought and it was all a little too neatly tied up. This was war after all. Anna's story was strange and didn't sit right with me.
However, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend the series to all Lizzie Lane and Ellie Dean fans.

Thanks to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for an early copy of this book. 3 s Kelly1,645 74

I'm reviewing this via NetGalley, as part of a tour with Rachel's Random Resources.

This is a historical saga that takes place in Liverpool during WWII. On first impressions, the protagonist, Anna, seemed a lovely character, and I was keen to know more about her. I quickly warmed to the other characters too; they seemed warm and friendly, and I loved how the author brought Weaver Street to life, making it seem such a homely place to live.

While I was reading, I thought a little bit about the things that we may easily take for granted today, such as the items that were rationed during the war. I often find that this type of book feels an escape, and has a strange way of making me feel a little bit nostalgic for a time and place that I never lived in.

I felt that as the book progressed, several of the characters experienced something that changed them in some way and helped them to grow. I really enjoyed getting to know Anna and her friends on Weaver Street. Over the last few years, I've taken to reading more historical sagas, and I think I would be interested in reading more by this author.

Thank you to NetGalley, Rachel's Random Resources, Boldwood Books, and to the author, for the opportunity to read and review this.
1 Louise Wilson3,153 1,666

Weaver Street #3

The neighbours on Liverpool's Weaver Street have always looked after each other, but when WWII takes many of the husbands, brothers and sons away to fight, the women's friendships are even more important than ever. Matriarch Kitty Conlon is missing her son Patrick, proud but fearful of the fate of his spitfire, while sinister Mavis welcomes a new lodger, WAAF Anna Carswell, who is delighted with the Weaver Street welcome after a loveless childhood. At number 9, Maggie Stubbs worries nightly as her daughter Lily patrols the streets to protect the neighbours during air raids in her role as an ARP Warden, and when an unexploded bomb is discovered at the allotment, danger comes terrifying close.

This book will mess with all of your emotions. This well-written story was so easy to read. The characters are well-developed and able. We learn how they helped each other survive the war.

Published 15th May

I would to thank #NetGalley #BoldwoodBooks and the author #ChrissieWalsh for my ARC of #WeaverStreetatWar In exchange for an honest review.7 s2 comments AnnMarie1,214 34

Weaver Street at War is the third book in the Weaver Street series. I haven't read the previous books and I don't feel as if it caused any problems with reading this one. I loved the people of Weaver Street and in hindsight, I wish I had read the other books first. But only because I would have enjoyed reading some of the characters' backstories.

This book, even read as a stand-alone one was a thoroughly enjoyable story. I found myself totally involved in the lives of the main characters. When they laughed I laughed, when they cried, yes, I cried. The author definitely has a way of writing that really captures your heart.

What I particularly d was that not only did I enjoy reading about the lives and loves of the women of Weaver Street, but I was given a good idea of how it was to live during the war years. The hardships, the loves, the losses, but most of all, the way that people pulled together they never had before. I was very impressed.

This is the first book I have read by this author and I am definite that it won't be the last. Jeanette Fallon656 11

Friday, May 17, 2024
Weaver Street at War

The book is based during WW II in England. I think of my mother while reading this as she was born in England and lived there during the war. She has told me stories of her childhood. She still has her ration book. She tells me how she had to go to the bomb shelter and her father being a home guard. She has told me about the dancing in the streets when the war was over and how one young boy burnt his bum jumping over a bonfire during the celebration.

My Mom is 86 now. Her memories are clear. She would have had a difficult time reading this book. Any story based during this time bothers her. I loved it but of course, I didn't experience what my Mom did.

The neighbors became family. They celebrated and mourned together. They had each other's back. What is sad is that I don't know my neighbors. You say hello if you run into them while taking in the mail. Would it be different if we experienced what they did on Weaver Street?

I have read all three books of this series. I loved them all. Diane824 15

Another great book in the Weaver Street series. It’s great to catch up with Kitty and everyone one on Weaver Street. It’s now time for everyone to pull together during World War Two and we see the younger generation of the street step up for the war.
Anna has had a sad start to life firstly being given up for adoption and then to be adopted by a couple that never really cared about her. Anna joins the WAAF and finds herself billeted in Weaver Street with Mavis. Soon Anna finds herself welcomed into the street and feeling for the first time in her life she actually belongs somewhere.
This book follows Anna and Molly and Lily as the battle the traumas of the War and try to live the best life they can. This is a great series and I can recommend all three books. If you sagas you will not be disappointed with this series. Katie Awdas26 2

Outstanding - laughs, tears, this book will give you it all! The chapter about interrupting the Catholic Mass for the need to go into the shelter had tears streaming down my face! My only negative is that the last book it went quickly through the years which worries me that the series will soon be over! The characters are all so well described and you can't help but feel you know them personally.

Brilliantly written, I was gutted to finish it last night!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publishers for allowing me to read and review this Arc copy. Roll on the next in the series! Leanne1,612 22

Life on Weaver Street continues along with the war and we get too see what all our beloved favourite characters are up to and we are introduced to a couple of new ones. Anna joins the Weaver Street crew in this book and is warmly welcomed to the street. There are a few surprises in the plot with family complications and bombings that had me shocked with tears streaming down my face. The girls keep everything light hearted and so fun and I feel Lily is the brightest light with her honest and direct manner which made me laugh. A story full of joy, intrigue, war struggles and community. They will not let anything dim there hearts as they support each other through the toughest of times. Leona1,230

Another great read in one of my favourite historical saga series. It’s great to be back with the neighbours of Weaver Street, it’s 1941 and everyone is feeling the effects of the war, the men folk of Weaver Street are away fighting for their country and the women must stick together and support each other. It’s a difficult time for everyone and their friendships are so important during this time. This is an emotional read at times and I did shed shed a tear or two but it was also at times an uplifting read . Whilst this is an easy read it’s one that I didn’t want to put down . Yvette Salmon356 16

Thank you to @theboldbookclub for letting me be able to read this book. This is the 3rd in the series and what a series it is. Laughter love and sadness all told the the trials of WW2.
Would recommend this series. Audrey12 1 follower

Been patiently waiting for this release. Have loved the previous books in this series and everything else Chrissie has written. Going to miss the fabulous characters of Weaver Street..If you haven't read anything yet by this author I totally recommend you do. You'll not be disappointed! Caroline PalmerAuthor 1 book24

A sweet and heartwarming story of a street full of charming characters trying to survive the ravages of WWII Liverpool. I’d more. Jayne Greig102 3

Loved this book, real life in the war years. The characters came to life and you felt you were there. Loved all the characters and their quirks. I’m sorry it’s come to an end. Debbie Westerman34

What a lovely story. It just felt I was living with them as they went through all the troubles they had to endure. Highly recommend Carol watkins3

A very good read, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her books on Weaver Street series. andrea slater2

Loved it

The characters are so real and you felt all their fears and happiness during the war. True friendship saw them through very difficult times Marilyn Jumper2

Excellent work

Chrissie Welsh is a excellent writer. Her character s come alive as well as the time and place. Well.worth reading. Kathy E425 1 follower

A very enjoyable read a very good series. Blanche1,319

Libby audiobook A good conclusion to this series of 3 Jen326 4

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